Uthos, the God of death and shadow, was the son of Korath.

Uthos was born by Korath’s will, and serves his father as keeper of the Underworld. Uthos overseas the everlasting torture of the souls of the Underworld, and relishes his task.

Though Uthos answers to his father, he is considered a greater being all of his own, as he has his own goals and motivations, though they remain unknown to mortals.

Uthos himself has sons and daughters, as well as creatures of his own devising, such as Odaska, the Great Serpent. Uthos rarely makes allies of mortals, choosing instead to let them serve him, then discarding them when they lose their use. To those mortals whom he favors, he grants dark and terrible powers, usually some kind of power or sway over death, in some way or another.

It is through these ‘gifts’ that dark priests and cultists learn to raise undead creatures, live past their lifespan or even return as the dreaded Revenants after they die – dark avengers who retain their bodies and minds, but are enslaved to the will of Uthos.


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